Information for Students

Office hours

The dates for the current term are listed on the homepage of the chair for English Linguistics IV. If you want to come in, please sign up in advance via e-mail in order to keep waiting times short.

Supervising B.A or M.A. theses

I am not yet supervising theses on my own. If you sign up for writing your thesis with Prof. Dr. Trips, I will be happy to assist and advise you during the research process.

Term papers

If you want to submit a first(!) term paper in one of my courses, you are required to attend all three modules of our Study Skills tutorials (finding a topic, introduction to campus library and term paper in linguistics) before you write the paper.

What is the paper supposed to look like?

If you are going to write your very first term paper for one of my courses, you are welcome to sign up for my office hour in advance in order to have a look at selected papers from previous terms, which will give you a first impression of what will be required from you.